About Us

We are a company offering strategic communications consulting. We act where others fail. We take on the toughest challenges, and prepare made-to-measure communications plans. We specialise in positioning leaders, both people and companies, in providing comprehensive management in crisis situations, preparing analyses, and acting in the field of public affairs. Our clients trust us, and stay with us. They include large Polish and international corporations, medium-sized family businesses, workers’ and local government organisations, sports organisations and charities.


Our greatest value is people. Only experienced consultants work at Bridge. We have an outstanding Research and Analysis Department. The company is managed by three partners. Each one has their passions and interests.


Piotr Bazylko is one of Poland’s best-known collectors of modern art, the author of successful books and the Artbazaar blog.


Piotr Wysocki has been involved for years in organising and supporting civic activities of a social nature, such as the Three Kings Procession Foundation and the Mum and Dad Foundation.


Magdalena Kowalska has been passionate about the corporate social responsibility (CSR), social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She is a member of the Impakt Global Advisory Council, which was founded to provide perspective, share research and help envision the future of innovation at the intersection of business and social change.


We are a member of EURACSIS - a European network composed of prominent PCOs (Professional Congress Organisers) and communication agencies, whose overall purpose is to support the integration of communication and conferences services across the European Union. For more information, please visit www.euracsis.eu