Anna Perlik-Piątkowska

Director of the Research and Analysys Department

At the company, she is responsible for research and information processing. She prepares original analytical studies and reports on the media, business, politics and social issues. Clients rely on them to make strategic business decisions, manage emergencies and conduct public affairs activities. She is also in charge of leader positioning support. The expert articles she has written as a ghost-writer have been published in leading Polish dailies and weeklies. She also doubles as a speechwriter and prepares bullet point lists of themes to be addressed by debate participants. The Presidents of Management Boards she has worked for have become a fixture of Polish business opinion leader rankings. She graduated from the University of Warsaw, where she studied journalism at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (specialising in public relations and media marketing). She joined the company in 2006. As a hobby, she promotes the city of Bydgoszcz and she advises local companies in the field of public relations.