Marcin Krasuski

He has broad experience in public administration and business organisations. He worked as a Senior European Advisor at Orange Brussels Bureau (a leading European telecom operator) and in various Polish public institutions where he dealt with international regulations of the telecommunications market. In 2012-2015, Marcin served as the chairman of the Committee for ITU Policy (as a first Pole in this position) at the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), where he coordinated positions of 48 European states in the International Telecommunications Union. Marcin graduated from the University of Warsaw with a Masters in Political Science and Psychology. He holds a postgraduate diploma in European Studies of College of Europe (Anna Politkovskaya & Hrant Dink) Promotion. He speaks Polish, English and French fluently and still hopes to master Norwegian. He dedicates his spare time to travels to remote locations and to his record collection of musical oddities.