Igor Janke


He knows media inside out. Worked for newspapers, radio, TV, press agency for over twenty years. Was a pioneer of new media in Poland. Worked as a reporter, deputy editor in chief of dailies such as „Życie Warszawy”, “Express Wieczorny” and “Rzeczpospolita”. Co-operated with the Polish office of the BBC. For five years he was the editor in chief of the Polish Press Agency. Conducted ” TOK FM Morning Show” and TV shows such as „Zoom”, „Political Kitchen” on TVP and „Events of the day” on TV Puls. Was one of the presenters on “It’s past 8 pm” on TVP. Created video shows for online platforms such as Salon24.pl, rp.pl and wp.pl. For many years, has appeared as a commentator on TVP, TVN 24, Polsat, Polish Radio. Wrote thousands of articles, conducted interviews with almost all the leading personalities of Polish politics. Established Salon24.pl, the first and the most popular socio-political blogging platform in Poland. Was the only Polish journalist to interview the American President Barack Obama during his visit to Poland in 2011. Wrote a book, „Chronicles of the fall of PO-PIS coalition” and „Attacker. The story of Viktor Orban. Co-founder and president of the independent think-tank “Liberty Institute”, which board is comprised of key figures in Poland’s public life. One of the most followed on twitter in Poland @ IgorJanke and author of popular blog, jankepost.salon24.pl